2L S52 in the M3, 240hp and 240 lb/ft from the factory, there is definitely a big power gap.

S52 cam swap m52 diy

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. 2L S52 in the M3, 240hp and 240 lb/ft from the factory, there is definitely a big power gap. 79 was worth money haha. youtube.


Before installing any timing components, make sure the camshafts are locked in top dead center and then move the crankshaft counterclockwise back to top dead center.



Official Cam Comparison Thread M52 vs S52.

- new input shaft seal.

I've seen a few on Craigslist. . . .

The S52 is, in most basic terms, a bored and stroked M52 engine. ) Criminal Law Attorney Carrboro. .

S52 cams go into M52.
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So unless you switch to M/S52 cam trays you cannot run S52 cams in an M50.

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Tips for dropping an M52/S52 in: 1. All three cams have concentrated wear on only a few journals.


Jan 29, 2009 · class=" fc-falcon">bboyvek. FWIW I've done/driven/ridden in several cammed m52 e30s and IMHO it's not worth it.



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So you cant use the s52 exhaust camshaft. If you have an M52, then S52 cams give the greatest boost. . .

. . I've seen a few on Craigslist. .

Aug 13, 2003 · class=" fc-falcon">Schrick cams, M50 Euro manifold, euro AFM, larger injectors, Much larger Air intake/filter , Engine cover to fit the Euro manifold , lots of little parts for the manifold hoses (there are lots of them) and most importantly custom S/W programed by conforti to match the S52 engine (he owns a coupe S52).

Price: $500-$800. One of the best things about the S52 cam swap is that all you need are the cams, a new VANOS gasket, and the tools to complete the job. .

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- Redline fluid.

· #5 · Nov 8, 2014. Originally posted by whysimon. The M52 is apart and the two S52s are together and offset to one side on both cams. WTF is hello Kitty (I'm 28 with no kids and I don't have cable).